giovedì 25 luglio 2013

Life In Film: interview...

C'è un disco che sto aspettando con particolare trepidazione. E' quello degli inglesi Life In Film, che dopo ottimi singoli ed ep sarebbero pronti per deliziarci con il loro esordio. Eppure il tempo passa, l'album ancora non esce e l'attesa si fa snervante. Il sound del gruppo è un favoloso guitar-pop ricco di melodie e freschezza. Immediato e contagioso, direi che ci sarebbe stato benissimo anche nel periodo d'oro del Brit-Pop, non a caso il disco è proprio prodotto da uno che nel brit-pop ci ha decisamente messo la mano, ovvero Stephen Street, leggi alla voce Blur!
Insomma, per saperne un pò di più abbiamo contattato il gruppo su Facebook e organizzato questa piacevole chiacchierata con Dominic Sennétt, voce e basso del gruppo. Se ancora non li conoscevate, beh, questa può essere l'occasione buona...

- Hey guys how are you? Where are you answering me from? Hello mate, were all well thank you, how are you? Im answering you from East London, England.

- How did Life in Film get started?
We all met whilst studying at University, we all come from different parts of England so it was a pure chance meeting, some might say fate!

- How would you describe your sound? I like to define your music as "True British Indie Guitar-Pop Music". Am I wrong?
That is proberly one of the best descriptions of our music that we have ever heard, most people would just say 'indie' we love the pop side to our music.

- How was recording with Stephen Street? He really has tied his name to some of the masterpieces of pop!!
working with Stephen was a pleasure, he is such an expert and has brilliant musical ideas, he is also great to talk to, I loved listening to his stories on the Blur days! we are really happy with how the album sounds.

- Great rhythm and tension in Until It's Over, but also melancholy in Carla or Lose Control. 2 sides of the same coin. What do you think? we have lots of different moods in our music, something for everyone, we are really glad you like it.

- What should we expect from the album? But if it is ready, why we are waiting so long?
the album has loads to offer, many different moods and tastes. what people have come to love and alot more. we can only apologise for how long the album is taken, this is due to no fault of our own. hopefully it wont take too much longer.

- Are you writing new songs? The new songs will still have this wonderful "pop scent"? we have alot of new songs, writing all the time. all with our distinct flavor.

- Would be great to see the Life In Film in Italy! Have you ever been in Italy, as a tourist perhaps?
we have played in Milan once, it was lovely there and everyone was so nice to us. we would love to come back to Italy soon, hopefully release our record there. there is even some Italian in the band!

- Thank you again for your kindness. Which song of the Life in Film can be the soundtrack for this interview in your opinion? And why?
please use Until It's Over, It's packed with energy and a good track for someone listening for the first time.