mercoledì 28 aprile 2010

Sebastian "Dormire Con Altra Gente"

Chi mi aveva messo in preavviso su questo gruppo secondo voi? Ma ovviamente il buon Aurelio e devo dire che ci aveva visto giusto. Il mix di guitar pop e di glam "Suediano" del gruppo era decisamente accattivante e si difendeva davvero bene. Li ho visti anche dal vivo un paio di volte e il risultato era invidiabile anche sul palco. Insomma, li ricordo con gran piacere. (2002 Mondopop)

- Incubi
- La Mujer Matadora
- Sleepless Dictaphone
- Sunrising
- Prima Donna
- Cuore
- Il Vuoto
- Svetlana
- Sul Filo
- Alice


Serafin "No Push Collide"

Ragazzi che bel dschetto. Solido e tosto e perfettamente a fuoco. Esordio con il botto per questa formazione, che combinava chitarre e melodia con un gusto che rimandava agli anni 90 americani, ma anche al gusto del pop britannico. Davvero validi. (2003 Taste)

"Serafin combine strong pop sensibilities with a hard edge and incendiary live performance; think 'Blur meets Foo Fighters' or 'Jane's Addiction meets Weezer.'" These are bold statements, be they the words from an ambitious Serafin or their trusty PR machine. Either way, such a statement requires some introspection, namely the rather abrasive contrast from one auspice to another.
Opener Stephen's in the Sky is a proto percussion intro to the album which suddenly cuts into the sleazy pop suss of current single Day by Day. Things Fall Apart follows the depressing themes of Stephen's In The Sky, touching on a breakup in a sad/happy melodic style. No Happy is a brilliant, almost spoken word short story, with the Serafin rhythm section perfectly complementing Ben Fox Smith's devious delivery. Awkward riffs and Fox Smith's now lazy croon again showcase some ingenuitive ability on Numerical.
Due in large to the foursome evading the tendency for British rock acts to ride the carpet of their American counterparts, frontman Ben Fox Smith has a distinct style which prowls between a Brian Molko-with-balls drawl through to all out vocal chord shredorama... Ben, good luck live...
Similarly Serafin's sound has a vintage British feel to it while the strings and production are ingested and spewed, creating a chic 21st century rawness, something few rock acts create in these stripped to the bone, uber-producer supremo times.
Where the foursome fall short is, crucially, in the final third. Build High, Tear Low is too damned annoying with clanky melodies and an ill thought-out structure. An anthemic chorus and some hard-edged vocal work from the impressive Fox Smith dispel the Simon Cowell treatment though. Sadly the same can't be said for the ensuing trio of fillers. It was only after these that I woke up in time for the upbeat, soft-rock ballad Who Could I Be?
Clocking at a sharp 42 minutes, No Push Collide is a world away from the (now clear) PR soundbite. Not that it's a bad thing. For while the above-mentioned quartet of names may attract eyes and ears, Serafin have kept their heads down and delivered a solid debut.
With festival dates and promo touring in the works, Serafin have got the chance to bring their genuinely unique sound to the masses. After that, some experience should help them fulfil the evident potential. Roll on album number two... (Jamil Ahmad -

- Stephen's In the Sky
- Day By Day
- Things Fall Apart
- No Happy
- Numerical
- Lethargy
- Ordinarily Me
- Build High, Tear Low
- Sage Waits
- Green Disaster
- Peaches from Spain
- Who Could I Be?


sabato 24 aprile 2010

Shinkansen Compilation "Lights on a Darkening Shore"

Dalle ceneri della Sarah Records nasce la Shinkansen Records che continua l'opera della precedente etichetta. Ecco una compilation molto rappresentativa del suono e degli intenti. Fondamentale. Come sempre. (2000 Shinkansen)

- Monograph : A Story Time Has Told Us
- Cody : Anticyclone
- Blueboy : Melancholia
- Trembling Blue Stars : Abba On The Jukebox
- Monograph : New League Of Nations
- Tompot Blenny : Thinking Of Ways Of Keeping You Wa
- Blueboy : Bradford, Texas
- Harvey Williams : Cindy's Been And Gone
- Trembling Blue Stars : Doo Wop Music
- Cody : Rounder
- Tompot Blenny : Smile Again
- Monograph : Finding New Rest For The Ghost
- Trembling Blue Stars : Farewell To Forever
- Blueboy : Joined Up Writing
- Fosca : File Under Forsaken
- Trembling Blue Stars : Letter Never Sent
- Harvey Williams : Her Boychart
- Tompot Blenny : Green Is The Best Colour
- Monograph : Paper Museum


The Sunday Club "Underground Cinema"

Per questo post devo ringraziare Luca e Andrea che mi hanno risvegliato nella memoria l'esistenza di questo gruppo e di questo mini lp. Pop rock di matrice acustica, molto pregevole e melodico. Bravi e decisamente onesti. (1995 Fire)

- Cop
- Driver
- Rope
- Happy Sad
- The Street
- Isolation Radio


martedì 20 aprile 2010

Sarah Records Compilation "Gaol Ferry Bridge"

Altra compilation della Sarah. Altro incanto sonoro. (1994 Sarah Records)

Even As We Speak - (All You Find Is) Air
Blueboy - Try Happiness
The Sugargliders - Reinventing Penicillin
Heavenly - Atta Girl
Action Painting! - Classical Music
East River Pipe - My Life Is Wrong
The Sugargliders - Ahprahran
Boyracer - I've Got It And It's Not Worth Having
Heavenly - P.U.N.K. Girl
Even As We Speak - Getting Faster
Boyracer - Cog
East River Pipe - Happytown
Blueboy - Air France
Secret Shine - Loveblind
East River Pipe - Helmet On
The Sugargliders - Theme From Boxville


Sarah Records Compilation "Fountain Island"

Preparate i fazzoletti. Cosa altro posso dire? (1992 Sarah Records)

Tramway - Maritime City
Heavenly - So Little Deserve
Even As We Speak - One Step Forward
Gentle Despite - Bittersweet Kiss
The Sweetest Ache - Sickening
St. Christopher - It's Snowing On The Moon
Secret Shine - Grey Skies
The Orchids - Tropical Fishbowl
Gentle Despite - Shadow of a Girl
Even As We Speak - Must Be Something Else
The Orchids - Pelican Blonde
Tramway - Technical College
Heavenly - Wrap My Arms Around Him
The Wake - Major John
The Field Mice - Between Hello and Goodbye
Tramway - Star


The Afternoons "The Days We Found In The Sun"

Decisamente un gran bel disco, molto raffinato e toccante. Tra Belle and Sebastian e Teenage Fanclub, si, ve lo assicuro. Vengono da Cardiff, sono ancora in attività, e questo era il loro esordio (2001 FFVinyl)

- A Change In Season
- Your Blue Eyed Boy
- Calico
- Falling Is Easy
- Saturday Afternoon
- My Beautiful Monkey
- If You Can Charm The Ticket Booth
- Here We Go Round Again
- Talk To Me About Tomorrow
- Under A Sky
- Saturn
- Dragons


sabato 17 aprile 2010

Shed Seven "A Maximum High"

Più carico e concreto dello splendido esordio, brilla come un diamante preziosissimo nella galassia del Brit Pop. I ragazzi sono cresciuti e le melodie si fanno esplosive, ma anche dolci e intense. Un disco di guitar pop rock magnifico. (1996 Polydor)

Perpetual underdogs, Shed Seven seldom received critical acceptance, and the reasons why are writ large over A Maximum High. There's failed attempts at glamour ("Going For Gold"), there's thwarted, over-reaching ambition ("Getting Better") and there's whining, unrequited love ("This Day Was Ours") that combine to suggest that Shed Seven were never quite the match to their Britpop contemporaries. A Maximum High condemned Shed Seven as a poor man's Oasis. Divorce yourself from Shed Seven's sullied reputation, though, and A Maximum High is, on the whole, a fairly likeable pop record. "On Standby" and "Where Have You Been Tonight" aim to provide a joyous link between The Smiths and the Rolling Stones, and almost achieve their lofty ambitions, while "Bully Boy" and the fractured closer "Parallel Lines" prove that Shed Seven sometimes, occasionally, can be really very good. (Louis Pattison -

- Getting Better
- Magic Streets
- Where Have You Been Tonight?
- Going For Gold
- On Standby
- Out By My Side
- Lies
- This Day Was Ours
- Ladyman
- Falling From The Sky
- Bully Boy
- Parallel Lines


Nancy Boy "Nancy Boy"

Gran bel disco questo. tra glam rock e plasticosità anni 80 viaggia che è un piacere. (1996 Sire)

Much like the Britpop craze in the U.K., American-British-Canadian hybrid Nancy Boy campaigns to bring fun, fashion and style to American pop music. Led by celebrity kids Jason Nesmith (son of the Monkee's Mike Nesmith) and Donovan Leitch (son of folk singer Donovan), Nancy Boy melds a glamorous, witty image to some fun, concise pop songs. They're at their best on songs like "Deep Sleep Motel," "Johnny Chrome and Silver" and "I Don't Mind" -- frivolous, frothy pop spiked with loud guitars and lots of attitude. Nancy Boy chronicles the life and times of a beautiful-boy rock band; it's sort of a concept album about being young, fashionable and snotty. While Leitch's voice is a bit of an acquired taste (particularly on ballads like "Sometimes" and "Dearest Girl"), with Nancy Boy the style is the substance, and from cover to disc, Nancy Boy looks and sounds good enough to please trend-hoppers and music fans alike. (Heather Phares - All Music Guide -

- Deep Sleep Motel
- Can You Dig It
- Johnny Chrome and Silver
- Sometimes
- Colors
- Foxtrot
- Rocking Chair
- Dearest Girl
- I Don't Mind
- Mother's Ruin
- W.R.I.P.
- Ultrasex
- You Deserve a Place


Segnalazione sui Soon....

Con grande dispiacere ho dovuto togliere i due dischi dei Soon dall'elenco di questo blog. Mi sono arrivate "notifiche dall'alto"..diciamo così.
Avevo promesso che se qualche blog avesse dato fastidio lo avrei tolto...e così farò.
Però dispiace, questo si. Anche perchè ho parlato direttamente con il chitarrista degli stessi Soon ed era felicissimo di trovarsi su questo evidentemente postare dischi fuori catalago e ormai di difficile reperibilità come quelli dei Soon è una lesione al diritto d'autore e io sono un pirata musicale.
Mah. Ci tenevo a dirvelo.

mercoledì 14 aprile 2010

Mo Solid Gold "David's Soul"

Singoletto dei MSG, grande pezzo! (2000 Chrysalis)

- David's Soul
- Solid Gold
- Kickstart (A Brand New Love)


Mo Solid Gold "Brand New Testament"

Ma pensa te! Cosa può nascere dalle ceneri dei These Animal Men. Folgorati sulla via del "funk soul" i Mo Solid Gold creano il connubio perfetto e tra pulsioni rock e visioni gospel, realizzando un mix micidiale dove i Rolling Stones incontrano James Brown che sta facendo una prova con i Charlatans. Sembrava filare tutto alla perfezione, ma dopo solo un disco il gruppo saluta tutti. Un vero peccato. (2001 Chrysalis)

Only a small, select group of bands have tried to marry pure soul with straight-out rock'n'roll - it's just too hard to pull off without sounding ridiculously hamfisted. British combo Mo Solid Gold, however, clearly don't believe in playing by the rules and their debut album is a heady mix of driving guitars, euphoric gospel chorus and powerfully rich vocals. Amzingly enough, the band was born out of the ashes of These Animal Man, also-rans of the short-lived New Wave of New Wave scene. This time around, they've got it gloriously right. An exhilarating album that deserves far more attention than it'll probably get. (Andrew Lynch -

- Solid Gold
- Prince Of The New Wave
- Mo Trilogy
- David's Soul
- Miss America In Space
- Safe From Harm
- Personal Saviour
- Come Together
- Motorway
- On My Mind
- Spooky Too


East River Pipe "Garbageheads On Endless Stun"

Vado a chiudere con questo disco la serie delle produzione di FM Cornog. Ci sarebbe ancora qualcosa da postare ovviamente, ma per adesso va bene così. Meno chitarre e più tastiere in queto disco, che se nei testi si dimostra sempre una spanna sopra a tanti altri, nella musica risulta essere, in alcuni frangenti, un pò monocorde o non particolarmente ispirato. (2003 Merge)

One can see a lot from a secluded bedroom, even with the blinds closed. That's the paradox at the heart of the bleak, beautiful recordings F.M. Cornog alter-ego East River Pipe has conjured up in the confines of his Queens apartment for a decade. And while his determinedly singular methods have garnered that most left-handed of complimentary alt.rock tags--"lo-fi"-- there's a beautiful, understated opulence to every track here, tribute to Cornog's laconic pop sense and growing prowess with his faithful mini-studio. More importantly, Pipe's unique interior vista encompasses considerably more than his own hard-knocks résumé, from puzzled meditations on the old-cash class ("Where Does All the Money Go?," "Millionaires of Doubt") to litanies of free-floating dysfunction ("Monumental Freaks") and romantic deconstructions ("I Won't Dream About the Girl," "Girl On the Freeway"). Yet his troubled past can't help but deepen the shadows of "The Long Black Cloud," a nigh-perfect lament that sounds like it's been in permanent rotation on a jukebox in some dank, Lynchian roadhouse, or the detached, chilling impressionism of "I Bought a Gun in Irvington" and fade-away fatalism of the closing "It's Always Been This Way." In an age of oppressive pre-fab pop conformity, Cornog's a bracing reminder of the potential of a single, determined heart-- even when it doesn't get out much. (Jerry McCulley -

- Where Does All the Money Go?
- Monumental Freaks
- I Won't Dream About the Girl
- I Bought a Gun In Irvington
- Girls On the Freeway
- The Long Black Cloud
- Arrival Pad #19
- Streetwalkin' Jean
- Stare the Graveyard Down
- Millionaires of Doubt
- It's Always Been This Way


East River Pipe "Shining Hours In A Can"

Il disco, scritto, composto e registrato interamente nell'appartamento di FM Cornog, uscì per AJax Records nel 1994 e poi è stato ristampato dalla merge con l'aggiunta di nuovi pezzi. In realtà il disco è comunque una compilation di 7", mini album, materiale raro da casseta e appunto qualcosa di nuovo. E' grazie a capolavori come questo che FM Cornog si è conquistato un posto nel paradiso della musica. (2002 Merge)

- Make a Deal With the City
- My Life Is Wrong
- Helmet On
- Happytown
- Axl or Iggy
- Psychic Whore
- Firing Room
- Silhouette Town
- Dogman
- When Will Your Friends All Disappear?
- Bernie Shaw
- 40 Miles
- Times Square Go-Go Boy
- She’s a Real Good Time
- Woody’s Car
- Hide My Life Away from You
- Miracle Land


lunedì 12 aprile 2010

East River Pipe "Poor Fricky"

Continuiamo la serie dei grandi dischi del divino FM Cornog. Un vero eroe. (1995 Merge)

- Bring On the Loser
- Metal Detector
- Here We Go
- Put-Down
- Superstar In France
- Keep All Your Windows Tight Tonight
- Ah Dictaphone
- Walking The Dog
- Marty
- Crawl Away
- Hey, Where's Your Girl?
- Powerful Man
- When the Ground Walks Away


giovedì 8 aprile 2010

The Audience "The Audience"

Come sempre....tutti in ginocchio per Sophie. Un vero e proprio angelo sceso sulla terra. La musica...ah, già, la musica. Beh, ho sentito molto peggio, onesto pop rock piuttosto melodico e senza grossi sussulti, ma che veniva semplicemente valorizzato ed esaltato dalla voce della mia adorata. Divina. (1998 Mercury)

- A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed
- Now That You Are 18
- Mr Doasyouwouldbedoneby
- I Know Enough (I Don't Get Enough)
- Keep In Touch
- I Got The Wherewithal
- Harry Don't Fetch The Water
- If You Can't Do It When You're Young; When Can You Do It
- Running Out Of Space
- You Get What You Deserve
- The More There Is To Do
- Bells For David Keenan
- Shoebox Song
- How's That?


- Mr Doasyouwouldbedoneby - Original Version
- I Know Enough (I Don't Get Enough) - Original Version
- A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed - Blah St Acoustic Version
- You Get What You Deserve - Piano Version
- Keep In Touch - Piano Version
- I Can See Clearly - Piano Version



East River Pipe "Mel"

Il disco che forse preferisco di East River Pipe. Incanto e struggimento, dolore, sconfitta e rassegnazione, ma ogni tanto appare qualche luce in fondo al tunnel e poi la musica, da brivido. Talento puro. (1996 Merge)

- The Club Isn't Open
- I Am a Small Mistake
- Spotlight
- Beautiful Worn-Out Love
- New York Crown
- Kill the Action
- We're Going to Nowhere
- Lonely Line Away
- Prettiest Whore
- Guilty as Charged
- Take Back the Days
- Life Is Born Today


East River Pipe "Goodbye California"

Un disco struggente e devastante. C'è poco da aggiungere. Raramente ho sentito simili vette di intensità. (1994 Sarah Records)

L'influenza di Brian Wilson sulla generazione dell' "alt-rock" e del "lo-fi pop" e` immensa, e lo dimostrano personaggi come East River Pipe che compongono musica pop arrangiata in maniera barocca benche' abbiano a disposizione mezzi molto limitati.
East River Pipe (ovvero Fred Cornog, ex alcolizzato e senzatetto di Brooklyn) canta l'angoscia di vivere in una grande metropoli nel tono dei Galaxie 500, ma in maniera molto piu' amatoriale. La cassetta del 1989, con New York Of Slime, e la successiva Point Of Memory (Hell Gate, 1990), con Helmet On, che divenne anche il primo singolo, lo resero famoso in un circolo ristretto di addetti ai lavori. Un'altra cassetta, I Used To Be A Kid Colgate (Hell Gate, 1991) sfodero` sette nuove canzoni, e ne sanci' definitivamente l'ascesa a personaggio da culto. Nel 1992 fu cosi' la volta del formato a 45 giri: uscirono Axl Or Iggy, My Life Is Wrong e Make A Deal With The City/ Psychic Whore (Hell Gate) a definire una delle personalita' piu' tetre e contorte del rock newyorkese, capace di belle melodie ma capace anche di deturpare le melodie piu' belle con il suo spleen.
Nel 1994 e' comparso finalmente il primo album vero e proprio, Goodbye California (Sarah), intriso di tristezza e rassegnazione. (Piero Scaruffi -

- Firing Room
- Silhouette Town
- Dogman
- When Will Your Friends All Disappear?
- Bernie Shaw
- Psychic Whore
- 40 Miles
- Make A Deal With The City


mercoledì 7 aprile 2010

The Audience "I Know Enough" (Part 2)

Sophie TI AMO. (1998 Elleffe)

- I Know Enough
- Boutique In My Backyard
- The Last Seven Minutes With You


East River Pipe "The Gasoline Age"

Nel 1999 conducevo un programma su Radio Popolare Verona che si chiamava "L'Impaziente Inglese", ovviamente insieme al buon Claudio. Per quell'anno il suo disco preferito fu proprio questo capolavoro di F.M. Cornog. Epopea malinconia, struggente, desolata sul viaggio, come fuga, come voglia di qualcosa di nuovo, come oblio, come perdersi. E se i testi lasciano a bocca aperta, la musica è sempre figlia di quel mondo Sarah Records che incontra Mercury Rev o Flaming Lips. Probabilmente la vera voce dell'America è qui. (1999 Merge)

Like many bedroom visionaries, East River Pipe's home-studio world is full of solitary aches and slightly desperate desires. What gives The Gasoline Age its added kick is that it's about a guy who trades the city for the suburbs, and buys a car hoping to escape to a better life. It's beautiful low-fi pop, brimming with small triumphs, like hitting a string of green lights, and even bigger disappointments, like driving to Atlantic City praying all the way for a big score that never arrives. (Keith Moerer -

Welcome to the insular world of F.M. Cornog. A staunch indie-vidualist who creates shambling rock anthems in the privacy of a home studio, Cornog usually works best when he's alone. Of course, he still moonlights with those subversive Nashville cats Lambchop, but Cornog's solo stuff really showcases his masterful pop craftsmanship. On the shimmering song "Wholesale Lies," Cornog summons the ghost of prime-era Beach Boys with splendid results. While Cornog's voice is a fairly rough instrument, his off-hand singing complements the fringe-dwelling imagery of ERP's unusual sound. As a one-man band, Cornog draws inspiration from the romantic world of automobiles. With eccentric compositions like "Shiny, Shiny Pimpmobile," "Cybercar," and "14th Street Stolen Car Club," Cornog takes this urban experience to an entertaining, lo-fi extreme. (Mitch Myers -

"Luth, I don't know anything about bank robbing."
Luther was sitting in the back seat, pulling a pair of pantyhose over his head. We were idling in the parking lot of the Grub 'n' Stuff convenience store outside of Fairplay. I'm not sure why we let the car run; we were nearly out of gas. It was Luther's idea, I guess. Most stuff was.
"That's okay, dipshit," Luther said. "This isn't a bank."
He had me on that one. It'd never occured to me that the science of Grub 'n' Stuff robbing might be a little less complicated than that of bank robbing. It was a marginally comforting thought. Relieved, I leaned over to turn the stereo up a bit, just as Luther threw my package of hose to the front. A corner of the cardboard envelope caught me on the temple and took a divet of skin out. Blood began oozing immediately. I yelped.
"Man, stop the horsiness and put on your mask. We don't have time for your horsing, horse."
Luther had a real way with words. As he talked, the hose stretched over his open mouth, its surface rippling with his lips. It looked like two people wrestling in a pup tent. I fumbled with the package of pantyhose, singing along under my breath as I did so. My new favorite album was playing-- The Gasoline Age by East River Pipe-- and this was my new favorite song: "Down 42nd Street to the Light." We got to my new favorite part of the song and I sang a little louder: "La la la- la- la- la la la, yi yi yi- li- ya- la yi- ya." The second time through, I nearly choked on the hose as it came down over my mouth. I could feel the blood soaking through at my temple. It was gonna hurt to take this thing off.
"What the horsey are we listening to, dipshit?"
"It's East River Pipe. Be quiet or I'll miss my favorite part."
"The East River Pipe, huh? What kind of music is this anyway, space- country?"
"Luth, why do you always put 'the' in front of every damn thing? The Target, the McDonald's, the Blink 182, the Beethoven. It's, whaddyacallit..."
"No. Dumb. It sounds dumb. God. Yeah, I guess it is space- country, in a way. It's bleak, but sentimental and hopeful. F.M. Cornog's voice is warm and emotive, but also a bit detatched. He used to be a homeless guy. Slept in a New Jersey train station. That's the life."
I rewound the tape to the beginning, my trembling finger skittering off the button. As the keyboard washes and gentle strumming of "Shiny Shiny Pimpmobile" filled the car, I tried to regulate my breathing and relax a bit. It worked a little. We were in the middle of nowhere, which I liked. It was pretty-- went with the music. Spacious.
"Luth, why don't we just fill the tank and take off? People out here keep shotguns under their counters."
"There's just one old lady in there, dipshit, and she's asleep on her feet. Plus she's got a lazy eye-- even if she had a gun she couldn't aim it. Wouldn't hit the long side of a horsey, horse."
"How do you know she's got a lazy eye?"
"Cuz I saw it when I went in to buy the pantyhose. Jeez-hus, what are you so worried about?"
I thought about that for a second, holding the steering wheel and whistling along with the music. It seemed to me that the point of a road trip was to drive around listening to tapes and looking at stuff, not robbing convenience stores. Luther seemed to be missing something.
"Hey Luth, I got an idea. How 'bout you go in and take care of things? You're the expert here, right? And I'll wait out here. The getaway car, like. You say there's just one old lady there. You don't need me."
"Y'know, diphorse, you might be onto something there. As they say. Maybe I will do that, keep your horsiness from horsing things up, that's for sure. You just wait here, like you said. I'll be right back."
Luther got out of the car, realigned his hose, and strutted towards the Grub 'n' Stuff. As soon as he disappeared into the door, I gunned it and fishtailed onto the highway. I could hear the bells tied to the Grub 'n' Stuff's door clanging behind me as I took off. "Cybercar" was playing, and I sang along with the coda: "...go, go, go, go..." Through the hose it ended up sounding like, "Ghugh, ghugh, ghugh," but who gave a shit?
A mile later I pulled the mask off, ripping away my fresh scab, and tossed it out the window. A mile down the road, I ran out of gas. It was good while it lasted, I guess. I opened the door and swung my legs out, planting my feet on the shoulder, and sat there for a minute bobbing my head to the slow-mo, road- rapture melancholy of "Party Drive." As soon as the song ended, I popped out the tape and stuck my thumb in the air. (Zach Hooker -

- Shiny, Shiny Pimpmobile
- Hell Is an Open Door
- Cybercar
- Wholesale Lies
- My Little Rainbow
- Party Drive
- King of Nothing Never
- 14th Street Boys Stolen Car Club
- All You Little Suckers
- Astrofarm
- Down 42nd Street to the Light
- Atlantic City (Gonna Make a Million Tonight)
- Don't Hurry


lunedì 5 aprile 2010

Sarah Record Compilation "Battery Point"

Alto tasso di commozione ed emotività. La storia del pop. Niente da dire. (1995 Sarah Records)

- Blueboy - Dirty Mags
- Boyracer - He Gets Me So Hard
- The Hit Parade - Autobiography
- Aberdeen - Fran
- Blueboy - River
- Northern Picture Library - Last September's Farewell Kiss
- Ivy - Wish You Would
- Shelley - Reproduction Is Pollution
- Action Painting! - Mustard Gas
- Ivy - Avenge
- Secret Shine - Deep Thinker
- The Sugargliders - Top 40 Sculpture
- Northern Picture Library - Paris
- Aberdeen - Fireworks
- Shelley - Hero
- Blueboy - Toulouse


sabato 3 aprile 2010

My Drug Hell "This Is My Drug Hell"

Gruppo ancora in attività, visto che l'anno scorso è uscito il loro secondo disco, a distanza di ben 13 anni (!!) da questo piccolo gioiellino che a mio avviso rimanda a gente come Love o Doors (senza l'organo però!). Anche in questo caso una richiesta che viene esaudita! (1996 Ulg Records)

A Brit trio with the stripped-down, skeletal punch of The Velvets, and the fervent clang and melodic strum of the Go-Betweens. In other words, this is good stuff. More than '60s smiley pop revivalists like Oasis or Kula Shaker, My Drug Hell can mix that happy-go-lucky jangle with contempo "love has burned me again" lyrics as on the Doors-like swing of "You Were Right, I Was Wrong." It's not all glower and gloom as the lads bust out the tambourines on the catchy, "Girl at the Bus Stop" which builds like The McCoys' "Hang on Sloopy" without falling into a charging chorus; here, the girl stays at the bus stop, and vocalist Tim Briffa just keeps on walking. Briffa keeps himself at a distance, mostly moping, yet the songs bristle with edge and urgency, sometimes even breaking into a dancey, latter-day Jam/Weller groove as in "For Your Eyes." While it may sounds like My Drug Hell are all over the map, their sound is consistent and infectiously their own. (John Chandler -

- Don's Say Goodbye
- 2 a.m.
- You Were Right, I Was Wrong
- Girl at the Bus Stop
- Maybe We Could Fly
- Jinx's Hole
- For Your Eyes
- She Locked My Heart up (And Swallowed the Keys)
- Teen Psycho Nightmare
- She Flies So High


Dodgy "Staying Out For The Summer '95"

E vai! Avanti tutta!! (1995 A&M)

- Staying Out For The Summer '95
- (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher
- Crossroads - Live
- Melodies Haunt You - Live


Dodgy "Staying Out For The Summer"

Dai, dai, dai che l'estate è vicina...e allora celebriamola con questo tripudio di solarità e melodia!! Yeaaaahh! (1994 A&M)

- Staying Out For The Summer
- A Summer's Day In Mid January
- Don't You Think
- Colour Me With Paints


venerdì 2 aprile 2010

David Devant and His Spirit Wife "Work Lovelife Miscellaneous"

...perchè in questo blog, quando arrivano le richiese, beh, facciamo di tutto per esaudirle! Buon ascolto con questo gran bel disco. Decisamente il migliore di questa formazione! (1997 Rhythm King)

- Ginger
- Miscellaneous
- Lie Detector
- The Last Ever Love Song
- I Think About You
- Parallel Universe
- Reinvent the Wheel
- Ballroom
- This Is for Real
- I'm Not Even Going to Try
- Light On the Surface
- Goodnight